The Clash - Capturing Mick - Limited Edition (1 of 79)
The Hand of Ray Lowry

The Clash - Capturing Mick - Limited Edition (1 of 79)

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Four vibrant sketches in one | Black , purple and green inks were used to capture these moments on tour | 1979 |

A snippet my father wrote in a notebook during his time on tour with the band.

" This morning they bought a bunch of sharp Trilbys in Philadelphia, then went through Canadian customs looking like a bunch of Chicago gangsters. Cherish this goddam band because we're not going to see their likes again, this side of a long time. " - Ray Lowry. 

Top left ; Paul and Mick. Top right ; Mick, Joe, Topper. Bottom left : Paul, Mick, Joe. Bottom right ; Punk rockers with guitars 

Taken from four original pages of Rays 1979 tour sketch books of The Clash  | Outer dimension - 24" x 30" approx | Art Dimension - 17" x 24"  approx | Giclée print | Hahnemühle German Etching | 310gsm | Limited edition of 79 |

All limited prints are numbered, embossed and come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Samuel Lowry on behalf of the Ray Lowry Estate