A prolific artist, a body of work, a dedication to be of service to others and to catapult a legacy. This site celebrates the life and work of an artist, satirical commentator and all round madman. With a unique and unmistakable style his cartoons are world renowned, having had work published in the likes of NME, Private Eye, The Guardian and many more. His energetic ink sketches whilst on tour with The Clash are now collectors’ items and his fine art and abstract work has gained recognition in the art world. Here you can delve a little deeper into the workings of the late great Raymond Lowry.

Oil Paintings

Lesser known to the art world, Ray also produced some stunning oil paintings in the 1970's. Several of these pieces are now available to buy. Feel free to grab yourself a piece of vintage art.....

" Early evening " - Oil Painting
" Early evening " - Oil Painting

" Early evening " - Oil Painting

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