The Clash - On stage in the USA 1979 - Limited Edition (1 of 79)
The Hand of Ray Lowry

The Clash - On stage in the USA 1979 - Limited Edition (1 of 79)

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An injection of vibrance | Capturing the band on stage in the USA | The full line up | Paul Simonon, Mick Jones, Joe Strummer, Mick Gallagher and Topper Headon | 

To give an insight into my dads' creative technique on the tour I shall pass you over. The ghost of my father visits:
" One of my drawings from Toronto bears the caption ' Done when drunk again. This is shit ' The modus operandi was to do quick sketches backstage or down in the audience and work them up with coloured inks back in various hotel rooms late into the night, whilst drunk. This cannot be faulted as a young man's working method. Except that I was a decade older than most everyone else on the road. Whiskers Green being about half a decade behind me, so far. The 25th found us in Montreal at the Orpheum Theatre where the stage was invaded when Joe stormed into " White Riot ". Just like the far off days in England. A distant memory by now " . - Ray Lowry 

Taken from Ray's 1979 tour sketchbooks  | Outer dimension - 24" x 17.5 approx | Art Dimension - 18" x  12.5" approx | 
Giclée print | Hahnemühle German Etching | 310gsm | 

  All limited prints are numbered, embossed and come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Samuel Lowry on behalf of the Ray Lowry Estate