The Clash - On stage in Atlanta - Limited Edition (1 of 79)
The Clash - On stage in Atlanta - Limited Edition (1 of 79)
Ray Lowry

The Clash - On stage in Atlanta - Limited Edition (1 of 79)

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Black and white / ink | Joe, Mick and Paul on stage in Atlanta | Distinctly a Lowry, however rare in the fact the use of vibrant colour is omitted from this stage performance sketch | A double page piece |

Only 79 of these will be available in keeping with the theme and a huge nod to when this collaboration of creativity took place. You may recognise this piece as it was used in a book my father compiled about his time on tour with the band. ' Up close and personal ' was the original title. 
I vividly remember him hunched over his desk putting all the content together with manic enthusiasm.
Again I will pass you over to Ray (my father) who describes this part of the tour in his own words which are taken from aforementioned publication;

" Memories blur and recollection goes into hyperdrive now. I am on my own (bliss) on a sunny morning in Atlanta, Georgia, lounging on a piece of dappled grassland in the middle of the city. People, mostly black, drift around, lounging and generally horsing about on this most beautiful of days. The 1st of October 1979. A day later The Clash lay into the audience at the Agora ballroom but today is for rest and wandering. Atlanta is a bigger more spacious place than most of our stops so far. To me it has a distinctly less frantic edge and I have drifted into a largely black neighbourhood without noticing any distinct transition.
Later Pennie and I explore the streets and gay crowded places discovering edge of town thrift stores of unimaginable delights. She buys an art-deco airplane for resident jester Kosmo and I settle for a vastly oversized white jacket of the type favoured by sir Sid in the ' My way ' section of The Great R' and R Swindle.
The Agora ballroom is the venue on the 2nd, and most of the black and white sketches in this booklet were done there - abouts "

The image taken from Rays 1979 tour sketch books of The Clash | Outer dimension - 23.4" x 16.5" approx  | Art Dimension - 16.5" x 11.2 " approx | Will fit perfectly in an A2  frame ( as shown in the smaller photograph) | Giclée print | Hahnemühle German Etching | 310gsm | 

All prints are numbered, embossed and come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Samuel Lowry on behalf of the Ray Lowry Estate