The Clash - Mr Strummer (the voice that shook through generations) - Limited Edition Print (1 of 79)
The Hand of Ray Lowry

The Clash - Mr Strummer (the voice that shook through generations) - Limited Edition Print (1 of 79)

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Limited Edition of 79 prints.
An energetic sketch that reflects the raw energy that Joe would emanate on stage and what poured out onto the records.
This is the only complete colour image that remains in my possession, that fully depicts Joe staring at you from the page; microphone and stand in hands (minus guitar) - Just about to start or in the throes of Garageland perhaps? 

A little recollection of my fathers' from the first show on that tour (Monterey);

" After rehearsals in a studio on Cannery row, the bands first appearance was on the Monterey festival stage on a massive two-day bill featuring past and past it luminaries like Dan Hicks, Country Joe and the Fish, Al Kooper and Big Mamma Thornton. This was the only time I ever saw The Clash play in bright noontime sunshine and on a stage that seemed as vast and forbidding as the deck of the Titanic.
The Strummer man unnerved me as he rushed at me side-stage midway into the set pulling horrible faces and pointing to his throat! I was trying to look like I belonged to the whole circus and his bizarre gesticulations were as incomprehensible to me as if he were a whirling dervish. It transpired that the poor fellow's voice was shot and he needed a blast of his honey and Special Brew (not) throat soother. Rock and bleddy roll, what? " - Ray Lowry

The image taken from Rays 1979 tour sketch books of The Clash | Outer dimension - 23.4" x 16.5" approx  | Art Dimension - 19" x 15" approx | Will fit perfectly in an A2  frame | 
Giclée print | Hahnemühle German Etching | 310gsm | 

' Joe ' is written in the right hand corner in my fathers' handwriting.

All prints are numbered, embossed and come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Samuel Lowry on behalf of the Ray Lowry Estate