Top UK artists create new works to honour Rock n’ Roll cartoonist

Paying tribute to Ray Lowry, 30 artists, including Tracey Emin, Nick Hornby, Billy Childish, Harry Hill, Paul Simonon and Humphrey Ocean, create reinterpretations of The Clash’s iconic ‘London Calling’ album cover.

“Ray Lowry is, of course, both mad and obsessive. Both qualities have made him rock’n’roll’s greatest pictorial artist” John Collis, Manchester Reporter

The Idea Generation Gallery in support of the Ray Lowry Foundation, presents a unique exhibition paying tribute to the life and works of iconic illustrator, Ray Lowry. Manchester—born, Lowry began his career drawing for Punch
Magazine, International Times, OZ, NME and Private Eye creating a cult following for his celebrated illustrations and cartoons. Most famously, Lowry created the unforgettable art work for The Clash’s seminal 1979 album, London Calling. Followed by many devoted fans Lowry and his work has been cited as an influence by a broad spectrum of artists from John Squire to Arthur Smith, Keith Allen to Paul Simonon (of The Clash) and Tracey Emin to Humphrey Ocean.

Underlying Ray Lowry’s cult status and influences, 30 prominent artists have produced new art works interpreting his famous 1979 album cover for The Clash. Celebrating Ray’s work and career the artists have looked at how Ray influenced their art as well as the personal influence he had on their artistic output. All the new works will be exhibited, for the first time, alongside a retrospective of Ray’s work. The original sketches, designs and ideas for the album cover, private sketchbooks, personal letters and previously unseen photographs, paintings and more will be on show. This showcase gives a personal insight into the mind and work of Ray Lowry and reveals the motivations behind one of the greatest illustrator’s of the past four decades.

“Ray Lowry’s cartoons, Pennie Smith’s photos and Nick Kent’s rambling prose were the three things in the NME that had me standing in the rain waiting for the newsagents to open every Wednesday at 7am. I couldn’t wait to devour it all so I could be as cool as they obviously were.” Kevin Cummins

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